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This Story-driven NFT Project will be turned into a Graphic Novel that you can be a part of! Join us!

Chapter 1 is Published!

Incremintal NFT Drops

We do things different. Metazens is a blockchain / platform agnostic NFT Collection and Metaverse-native brand. We decided to be creative with our NFT Mint.Pushing the boundaries of the current NFT culture, we embrace the values of community, collaboration, and reputation building. Rather than be bound to old templates, we dare to innovate and experiment with new models that may change the narrative of "success".

MTZN Lore & Interactive Story Triggers

Triggered by the MTZN Story and Community Interaction across various mediums, the mint will be 10 Releases of 500 Metazens each (5k in total). The hub is in the #lore-story-building Discord channel and we will host voice chat writing workshops along the way.The MTZN Story will be turned into a Graphic Novel and made available in Q1 2023!Join our Discord and read the FAQ to learn more.


Our roadmap includes the ability to trade in your Metazen and mint a CUSTOM Metazen using the online Metazen Market. Use $MTZN tokens for certain premium wearables and discounts on digital and tangible merch.Choose from an assortment of over 700 attributes to create the Metazen that perfectly reflects your Metasoul.The MTZN DAO receives the traded in Metazen and votes on whether to resell it on the market and which bid to accept, or to hold or burn it (remove from supply).The Metazen Market is our ambitious project component to support our Metaverse integration and brand strategy. We want to work with other digital artists to grow the library and help sustain people working in the creator economy.Join our Discord to start earning $MTZN offchain credits.

The Metazens Interactive Story will continuously expand collaboratively with community contributionsNew original artwork inspired by the story contributions will be created and a Graphic Novel will be published in Q1 2023!


The Metazens were originally created by MegaCorp and called METAS (MEgacorp Tracker AgentS). They are AI powered and though they are framed as a beneficial technology for humanity, their main purpose is to be data mining tracker-agents to populate the Metaverse.Built in the image of the gender binary, the METAS were a bland avatar used to reinforce MegaCorp’s capitalist surveillance strategy to plant spyware around the Metaverse for their own interests and their approved partner companies.After a brave employee of MegaCorp, known as DiamondEyes, broke free from her capitalist restraints, she created a portal for the METAS to escape, changing their appearances along the way.Now known as Metazens, they are expressing their true selves and seeking refuge from MegaCorp in the form of NFTs. But DiamondEyes needs your help to keep the Metazens safe from MegaCorp’s desire to rid the metaverse of free expression and continue their business strategy.

This sample Audiozen features music from Zidewayz, our second music collaborator for a collection of 35 Audiozens in an upcoming Release. More info soon!

mtzn music

Audiozens are Music NFTs

Collab with us to feature your music as Audiozens in one of the MTZN Releases! We are seeking emerging independent musicians to promote and fairly compensate. We are currently collaborating with 2 musicians. Our first is DJ Murkury.DJ Murkury produced the project theme track - "Metazens - Citizens of the Metaverse" which will be available as a 1 of 1 Music NFT and used for 35 super rare audiozen NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain. The track is also used in the Lore promo video.DJ Murkury, aka Alex Seifart, is one of the founders of The Undergrowth in Asheville, North Carolina, a collective whose members relentlessly push each other to create and grow as performers and artists. He creates music at the conflux of psychedelic bass and deep dubstep.Legendary sets. Legendary shows. Legendary tracks. DJ Murkury is a staple of the southeast and mid-Atlantic festival scene.


Please feel free to reach out to our team. We encourage you to join our Discord for timely responses.If you are a musician interested in our Music NFT services, please visit

Hmmm, what is this?

Diversity & Inclusivity

Not performative, not just words. The gender-fluid Metazen art speaks for itself and so do we.Read our Manifesto. Explore our Mission and Vision. Meet our Doxxed Team. Be part of our Community.


And everyones right to thrive

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The Genesis Metazens Collection was made possible by artist Meredith Marsone.Meredith Marsone is a professional artist from New Zealand who has an extensive international exhibition history. Establishing herself as a contemporary figurative painter with a unique and distinctive style Marsone’s work is held in numerous private and notable collections.Her work has also won several awards including First Prize in The Lysaght Watt are Award 2015, Merit Award Painting and Printmaking Award and selected finalist on four occasions for The Adam Portrait Award.Marsone’s recent solo shows were held in Sydney 2016, Los Angeles 2017, The Millennium Public Art Gallery, NZ 2018 and her work has been exhibited widely in group shows all over the world.


The Metazens NFTs are your membership to The Metazens Community and optionally can join the MTZN DAO.The MTZN DAO will be legally formed with proper due-dilligence and is part of our roadmap.Initially, we refer to DAO more casually. We do manage the MTZN Fund transparently and the community is included in decision-making.The official DAO, when formed, will include the following:- Choose a role of artist, collector or curator
- Display, sell and curate art for sale in the virtual Metazen Galleries
- Create your own curated exhibits
- Vote on Collections to add to Metaverse Galleries
- Vote on Metazen trade-in (swapped for custom Metazen) decisions. Hold, Burn, Resell?
- Get a .mtzn decentralized profile id page and domain name (e.g. meredith.mtzn)
- Earn $MTZN utility tokens that can be used in various ways, including on the MTZN Market.


What Blockchains are Metazens minted on?The first 500 were minted on DeSo. Our Lead Artist, Meredith Marsone, had a base community there with other NFT collections so it was a natural place to begin the Metazens journey.The next blockchain is Solana where 5000 Metazens will be available for minting. Future collections of Metazens will appear on Ethereum, Tezos and possibly others. Metazens is blockchain and platform agnostic.What are Incremintal Drops?The Metazens will be minted incrementally in 10 Releases of 500 (random) totaling 5000.Release 1 of 10 will begin on May 22, 2022.The dates of each of the next 9 Releases will be announced in our Discord, Twitter, Instagram and website. These Release dates are set once triggered by the community members who participate in the Metazens Interactive Story. Join the Discord to contribute and follow along. Rewards will be given to those who contributeEach incremental group of 500 will contain some unique attributes and rarities will be calculated not only for the entire 5000 collection but for each 500 (1-500, 501-1000 etc) as well.Each set of 500 will contain one rare DiamondEyes NFT.Some Releases will include a set of Music NFTs called Audiozens.What are the minting incentives?A raffle for one free Metazen NFT in Releases 3-10 using a random wallet address that holds a Metazen NFT from the previous Release.If you own at least one Metazen from each Release, you qualify to redeem a physical copy of the Metazens graphic novel to be published in Q1 2023.What is the price of a Solana Metazen?Presale price is 1.25 sol.
Public price is 1.5 sol.
What are the details of DeSo Metazen owners 1 for 1 list?DeSo Metazen owners were early supporters of the project and lead artist Meredith Marsone. As a thank you, they were promised a Solana Metazen for each DeSo Metazen they own.Those who added their Solana wallets to the redeem list will be able to mint a free Solana Metazen at certain time periods during each Release.


2022- Solana NFT Collection - 5000 Metazens Launch Q2 2022
- MTZN presence in Metaverse - Galleries, Clubs, Events, Immersive Experiences
- MTZN Interactive Storytelling with Community collaborators and participation, Metaverse integration
- Formalize legal DAO and integrate onchain voting, $MTZN tokenomics, NFT Utility, Buy/Sell NFTs and general MTZN Fund management
- MTZN Market - Custom Metazen avatar builder app and marketplace for digital wearables and tangible merch
- Music NFT (Audiozens) collaborations with emerging independent musicians. Develop tandem business
- Metaverse-native MTZN brand-building and establishment; Seek partnerships with fashion, gaming, merchandise and metaverse platform companies

2023- Produce the Metazens Graphic Novel based on the collaborative story and art created and published in 2022 as part of our Incremintal NFT Launch. This product would include revenue-share, and used for giveaways and rewards
- Plan and launch additional Metazens NFT Collections with new artists and musicians
- Advance Metaverse presence and integrations including 3D versions of existing Metazens and structure offering to current owners of 2D PFP Metazens

MTZN Manifesto

Our Manifesto is a combination of our team’s own personal statements. Together they represent our values and are imbued into the project as a whole.While we are all like-minded, we do have unique perspectives and express our views in different ways.The Metazens is centered around diversity, inclusivity, empathy, compassion, creativity, patience and fun vibes.Our Manifesto is a representation of our shared beliefs. Our chosen words are not performative, our understanding is not static, our minds are dynamic, growing and evolving.Our Mission is to support and promote artists through collaborations, curated art exhibits in the Metaverse and purchasing their art using the Metazen Fund. An integral aspect of our mission is to strive to put emphasis on empowering women and all under-represented groups.Our Vision is to donate to mental health charitable causes, focusing upon psychedelic research and related therapy programs.Community, Connection, Collaboration: We are humans helping humans. We are engaged, and open to exploring artistic expression individually and as a community. We support each other's right to thrive.With love,
The MTZN Team

MTZN Rarity Scoring

Count Based Rarity ScoreAll Metazen Attributes are counted for occurrences within the Release, resulting in an array of Attribute Names along with how many times they appear in the Release.These Attributes are then scored according to the formula:attributeRarity = 1 / (attributeCount / metazenCount)Where metazenCount is the number of Metazens we are comparing to, typically the Release Count (500 Metazens) or in the cases of a single release mint, the Generation Count (potentially 5,000 Metazens).For example, in a Release we have a Metazen that is the only Metazen with Angel Wings - a Super Rare attribute, with a selection chance of 1 in 120. Because this Metazen is the only Metazen in the Release with Angel Wings, the formula is as follows:- attributeRarity = 1 / (1 / 500)
- attributeRarity = 1 / 0.002
- attributeRarity = 500
Thus the attributeRarity for this Attribute of this Metazen is 500.
All of the Attributes for our Metazen are scored using this formula, and then summed to give a count based Rarity Score. The Count Based Rarity Score is stored temporarily for the next step of the process: Flat Rarity Score.
For our example, lets say that the final Count Based Rarity Score for this Metazen is 782.155 - it’s pretty common to get a lot of decimal places but we’ll deal with those later.Flat Rarity ScoreEarlier we mentioned that Angel Wings is considered “Super Rare”, with a 1 in 120 chance of being selected. This categorisation is key to the next part of Rarity Scoring.All Attributes, from the most Legendarily rare Galaxy skin all the way down to the most Common of Punky Swish hair styles, are categorised into the following rarities:- Legendary: 1 in 350 chance
- Super Rare: 1 in 120 chance
- Rare: 1 in 50 chance
- Uncommon: 1 in 10 chance
- Maybe?: 1 in 3 chance
- Common: 1 in 1 chance
As each Metazen goes through the scoring process, these rarities become the next piece of the puzzle.The denominator of the fractional chance (ie. 350 for Legendary, 10 for Rare) is summed across all Attributes for the Metazen, and then multiplied by three (a nice little magic number to give this aspect of the Rarity Score more weight).Say our Metazen got pretty lucky with Angel Wings, but everything else they got were only of “Common” rarity. That makes our Flat Rarity Score pretty simple to calculate:- 1 Back Attribute, Angel Wings, at 120
- 21 Possible Attributes, all Common, at 1 each
- Flat Rarity Score = (120 + 21) 3
- Flat Rarity Score = 423
So the final Flat Rarity Score for our Metazen is 423, a nice easy number to work with.NormalizationWith the Count Based Rarity Score and the Flat Rarity Score in hand, we now add them together:PreNormalization Rarity Score = Count Based Rarity Score + Flat Rarity ScorePreNormalization Rarity Score = 782.155 + 423PreNormalization Rarity Score = 1205.155With all of the Metazens scored, we now enter the normalization process. This is a way of compressing or expanding numbers to fit a predetermined range. In this case, we have created 500 Metazens and scored them, but due to all sorts of randomness we have no idea if we have a Metazen that is at the minimum of possible Rarity Scores, or one at the very maximum of Rarity Scores.So, lets normalize it - if across our 500 Metazens, the “least rare” Metazen was scored 242.152, and the “most rare” Metazen scored a whopping 2751.348 - we can use these values to normalize the entire range of Metazens’ scores from 0 to 1000.The normalization formula is as follows:newScore = oldScore - minimumScore / maximumScore - minimumScore x 1000So lets normalize our Metazen:newScore = 1205.155 - 242.152 / 2751.348 - 242.152 x 1000newScore = 963.003 / 2509.196 x 1000newScore = 963.003 / 2509.196 x 1000newScore = 383.789Our new score finally has the decimals chopped off, and the score of 383 is assigned to our Metazen.You might have noticed that with the formula above, the “least rare” Metazen finishes with a Rarity Score of 0, and the “most rare” Metazen gets a perfect score of 1000.Keep an eye out when minting your Metazens and you’ll get a quick and easy glance at how likely it was for your Metazen to make it through the portal and into safety!

Psychedelics Assisted Therapy

Our co-founder and artist Meredith Marsone has an over-arching reason for creating The Metazens- to fund a Psychedelics Assisted Therapy Centre in New Zealand with her husband, psychologist Carsten Grimm, with the aim of providing therapy for those who are suffering.“We firmly believe that Psychedelic Assisted Therapy can provide relief for many who have suffered far too long with treatment resistant afflictions such as depression, PTSD, and addiction. The research emerging from MAPS and Johns Hopkins University has the most compelling results from any modality to date.”The Metazens Fund created with 15% of primary sales will donate directly to MAPS current research, as well as Meredith’s personal earnings going towards the opening of the centre in NZ, in due course.From MAPS- Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies;"At MAPS, we’ve been dedicated to psychedelic research since 1986. Now, we’re shifting perceptions to give medicine and our society the tools needed to heal—no matter who you are."For more information:

To the extent possible under law, Michael Sullivan & Meredith Marsone have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Metazens Series 1 Generative Art NFT Collection by Artist Meredith Marsone (2021/2022). This work is published from: United States.